Bitch betta have my honey


MADGE MEME - One Location - Mayor Undersee’s house

"After I got home, we started spending time together. It turns out Madge has plenty of empty hours to fill, too. […] She’s trying to teach me the piano, but mostly I like to listen to her play. Sometimes we eat at each other’s houses. Madge likes mine better. Her parents seem nice but I don’t think she sees a whole lot of them. Her father has District 12 to run and her mother gets fierce headaches that force her to stay in bed for days"

Here Are The States Set to Vote on Cannabis Legalization This Year

Currently 22 states have legalized medical marijuana, two have legalized marijuana for recreational use and nine others have strictly limited medical laws. A number of initiatives, questions and constitutional amendments will appear in states across the country this November. Following that, the weed legalization map of the USA is going to look a lot different.

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(Source: micdotcom)